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Atlas Standard Oven Rack 7460

Atlas Standard Oven Rack

The product is Atlas Aircraft Galley Extended oven rack with oven alum trays. The oven insert is mainly used in in-flight galley oven, which to heat the foods.

The oven racks are designed to be used with baked goods such as breads, cakes and cookies. Because of their high capacity, they are generally used only in an industrial setting.

There are some mechanical data of the oven insert:
1) High grade anodized aluminum alloy, solid heat-treated aluminum extrusion
2) Recessed aluminum-carrying handle on the top
3) Integrated Oven Skid/Tray Runners
4) Anti-Slipping Features
5) Formed alum trays
6) Embossed Logo on both Oven rack's (or Oven Insert) top surface and the Oven Skid(or Oven Tray)
7) Eight oven skids fit in the oven insert, providing room for 32 standard-size meals
8) Oven Tray/Skid can be ordered separately or together
9) Standard & Extended ATLAS & other Designs can be OEM

Others (package information) of the oven rack:
1) Product Size: 39.7*22.8*41.2cm
2) Carton Size: 41*24*43.5cm
3) N.W.: 2.8 kg G.W.: 3.5 kg

Evergreat Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is a high-technology manufacturer, which focuses on the production of airplane oven products. Such as meal trolley, oven rack, water trolley and so on.

As experienced China airplane oven products suppliers, we are looking forward to creating an illustrious future together with our partners from all over the world. We believe that we can be the best partner with good faith cooperation.

Evergreat Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd specializes in product designing and manufacturing of In-flight Meal Carts (or Airline Mal Trolley), Standard Unit, Oven Rack, Air Cargo Container, and Air Cargo Pallets in China. We are the leading company in In-flight Galley Equipment and Air-cargo Equipment manufacturing. We emphasize a very high attention to detail, and we are a strong creative department.

Experience: We serve clients worldwide, including some of the famous airlines and major aircraft galley sub-contractors in the USA & Europe.

Service: We provide service from every point in the product cycle-from the concept to the final tooling and production - depending on our customers' requirements. We do all of the sourcing, development, quality control, manufacturing and delivery for you. We provide prompt delivery with excellent quality and aggressive pricing. We know how to respond quickly so you can take advantage of market cycles.

  Confidentiality: When it comes to protecting your interests, we go to extremes. We choose only partners we can trust. We take extraordinary precautions, separating manufacturing from assembly or dividing manufacturing processes among plants to keep confidentiality.

Our aim: Become the NO.1 In-flight Galley Equipment and Cargo Equipment supplier.

Business Principle: Quality is always our top priority!

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